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Where is Mas des Grand'Terres?

Who are Lindsay and Guy?

When can I come?

Why should I come?

What do previous guests say?

What else do I need to know?


Maison d'Être Holidays offer holidays at Mas des Grand'Terres betwen the first weekend in April and the last weekend in October.

Our high season is mid-June until the end of August.

This splits our season into three portions - Spring, Summer and Autumn:


Spring is a time of freshness it starts with fruit blossom on the fruit orchards all around and ends with fields full of poppies. Asparagus, cherries and then apricots are not to be missed. And the garden is at its most flowery.

Temperatures vary from the mid twenties to the low thirties as summer approaches (temperatures in Celcius - roughly speaking, thats the seventies and eighties in Fahrenheit) . It's a great time for walking and exploring.


Summer is about heat. Summer temperatures can climb into the high thirties (ºC - nineties in ºF) and sometimes beyond! Mix bursts of tourism with afternoons by the pool. Profit from the long, warm evenings. Don't miss the local festivals with their colourful pageantry and wild bull antics! The markets abound with the best tomatoes, peaches, melons and figs, and the fields are full of sunflowers and lavender (July).


Autumn starts to cool again. The skies are mainly clear and blue, but a little rain will relieve the parched summer landscape. Tomatoes gradually give way to wild mushrooms and squashes in the markets. The temperatures are great for walking and exploring, dropping gradually from the low thirties to the mid-twenties. The grape harvest is on in the vineyards (September). The last festivals fizzle out as France goes back to work and the crowds subside.