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Where is Mas des Grand'Terres?

Who are Lindsay and Guy?

When can I come?

Why should I come?

What do previous guests say?

What else do I need to know?


So. We've told you what our place is like and what we do here. We've told you how to get here and when you can come. We've told you how much it costs. We've told you a bit about ourselves and what our previous guests have had to say. So what else do you need to know?

Well, some further information concerning background information and transport links to Provence, might be good, so we have put together a couple of lists of useful links for web sites for transport to Provence and some of the principal tourist attractions of our region.

Useful Links

Links - Transport

Links - Regional Highlights


Beyond that, you'll need to know that dull-but-important terms and conditions stuff.

Terms and Conditions

For every booking tat we take, we send out a Booking Confirmation form that we ask the person making the booking to complete and return to us. It's not onerous, all that we ask is your address and contact details (including an emergency contact number of a friend or family member back home), the names of the other party members and a signature confirming the reservation and accepting the attached terms and conditions.

The Booking Confirmation also includes useful information about how to send payment, arrival and departure times, and directions for how to find us. Click here to see a specimen Booking Confirmation form with useful information and terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy

And while we're into all that nitty-gritty stuff, we also have a privacy policy to assure our clients that their details will not be shared with anybody else. Click here to read it.

Anything else?

That's just about covered everything that we can think of, but there are bound to be things that we haven't covered or made clear. If so, please don't hesitate to e-mail us and ask.